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R.I.P. - hope you're flying along side John...
 you're missed for sure. Thanks for all the great stuff you did.

NOTE: I posted this on Craigslist as a response to an ad for a DAW newsletter. I had to. This guy is so fucking amazing.

No talk of DAW's would be complete without mentioning one of the first - 1979.

None other than Roger Nichols - Steely Dan, John Denver, Johnny Winter (great story about how how was doing all three at once)

But anyway:

Roger Nichols...

Dang that guy was good.... check out the Wendel:
Thank you Connie, Cimcie, and Ashley for putting this back up:

If for some reason it's down here's a pdf I made of the original Digital Atomics site version:

1978-80 - used on Gaucho. Scroll down that page and look at the screenshots... now look at ProTools, Sonar, Nuendo; any DAW today.

This guy was doing it back in 1978 using a Teledyne S/H card on a lunch box PC. Actually better sample rate (125kHz).

But no fancy GUI Mac-a-Fag here... you had to write stuff in 808x assembly.

And did you ever read about his motivation for being an audio engineer? Wanted better stuff than crackly fucking vinyl. Started a studio part time while working as a nuke engineer.

You really need to listen to the Aja title track on some new Events or similar studio monitor. Fucking amazing; low to today's RMS levels, but put it in a mastering suite and pop it a bit with some peak limiting, and it sits well with the overprocessed shit of today. And sounds better. Oh, and if you find the 2" multi-track master for it, Mr Fagen will pay $600.00 (seems the record company lost it or maybe aliens took it.)

A bit of published tidbits on making Gaucho tho:

They burned through 300 reels of 2" tape at $100.00 a reel
They paid Mr. Nichols $150,000 for Wendel development - out of their RECORDING BUDGET!!! Fucking recording budget for one record...

And he was recording/tracking it while doing Johnny Winter and John Denver...

If they did it here - the guy should have been  Knighted - Sir Roger...

Check out more about this amazing guy here:

Note to the guy that posted a comment on the wiki DAW "talk" page stating that the Wendel wasn't one of the first DAW's:

"...I haven't fully reverse-engineered it yet"
 It's an old x80 PC. Not much to reverse engineer...except the code, which most CS kids (probably like yourself) nowaday wouldn't even understand (Roger knew what a CPU register was...)

" it is a drum sampling/replacement device, and not a hard disk recorder/DAW"
DAW = Digital Audio Workstation. I see no mention of it having to have a hard disk.
Let's see - it's digital since it digitized incoming audio with a  sample and hold card . It manipulates audio, and it's a PC workstation, state of the art at the time.

Sounds like it has it all covered

"I presently own more DAWs than anyone who ever stepped on the Earth, so I'm very sharp on the topic."
OK.. when someone states something like that, I just tune out of the conversation...

You may want to look at one of the stories from Tao:
Ch'ing the master woodworker carved a bell stand so intricately graceful that all who saw it were astonished. They thought that a god must have made it.

The Marquis of Lu asked, "How did your art archive something of such unearthly beauty?"

"My Lord," Ch'ing said, "I'm just a simple woodworker — I don’t know anything about art. But here’s what I
can tell you.

Whenever I begin to carve a bell stand, I concentrate my mind.

After three days of meditating, I no longer
have any thoughts of praise or blame.

After five days, I no longer have any thoughts of success or failure.

After seven days, I'm not identified with a body. All my power is focused on my task; there are no distractions.

At that point, I enter the mountain forest. I examine the trees until exactly the right one appears. If I can see a bell stand inside it, the real work is done, and all I have to do is get started. Thus I harmonize inner and outer. That's why people think that my work must
be superhuman."

Maybe that's why Roger was called "THE IMMORTAL" by the guys in Steely Dan.

He is...

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