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So here we are - wondering if there is any validity to the Youboob claim that the new Frito-Lay Sunchips packaging is bad for your hearing; as loud as a train, as loud as a jet cockpit, as loud as your MILF neighbor screwing the pool boy...

If one were to hold the bag up to you ear you may experience 95+ db, in our lab we were able to get 97dB SPL avg with peaks at 106 - almost as loud as the shake table at the environmental lab I was testing some of my designs at last week (MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6 Annex D for those that care).

Anyway, I decided to use some of my production gear (shown on the front of Marketturd's main page) to see if there was any validity to this. I just so happened to augment my arsenal of tools with TrueRTA
( from the guy that wrote the book on speaker enclosure design and made Thiele-Small parameters almost understandable to the layperson (ya know, the guy with the trunk lid vibrating to Cee-lo).

So here's the plots using this and a plethora of other tools I use in mastering. I used a manual mic and SPL calibration for the TrueRTA since I've wasted enough time doing this (83db sweep matched my calibrated SPL meter very well in fact).

Since most speaker designers do SPL measurements at 1 meter, I had my daughter do both 1 meter and 1/2 meter scrunching of the DUT's (device under test)  since this is the closest most people want to get to someone munching French Onion Sunchips.

As one can see, at typical distances Sunchips packaging does NOT constitute a violation of OSHA exposure levels.

NOTE - you'll need to scroll horizontally to see both sets of data.

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