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Shop Lights

NOTE: All the photos on this page are just lit with the shop lights... no addition photographic lighting was used.
Lighting is critical in a shop. One of the things I did was to add some cheap tracks and LED lights.
I've mounted them to be at an angle that avoids head related shadows when I'm standing at the machine.

In most of my equipment photos you can see local light fixtures, but I find that the shadows created by single point source lights are a nuisance.
These are the LED lamps sold at most place like Lowes and Home Depot.

Since each piece of gear has multiple angles of lighting, most shadowing is reduced and glare minimized. Another trick is to use up lights to increase diffuse ambient lighting.
I recall having a lab at a former employer that was in the middle of a renovation. The architect walked in during a walk thru and mentioned that my lab was one of the nicest lit rooms in the place.
Cheap ass $10 desk laps aiming upward was all I used. Corners work great...

The LED lamps pull a lot less power, so I can increase the density of the fixtures/track also, the color temp of these are great for work areas (at least to my eyes...).

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