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Remote switched and distributed compressed air system

This is the distribution manifold for the various zones.
The compressor feeds into a line dryer with the compressor set to around 100PSI output. The manifold has a presure gauge along with typical ball valves for each zone.
Used 3/8 350 PSI hose since it doesn't travel far. Works well; we use it alot.

Where the zones split, I added an additional dryer in line, before the split.
This one feeds the slop room and outside connection.

The above and below are typical end user locations.  Each location has a pressure reg, dryer and valve. Note that the holders are ground stake fittings from Home Depot. Fit the 1/4" NPT nipples quite well. Short pieces of  1/4 x 20 all thread on the back of the clamps mounts to tee nuts on the back of the mounting board; locked with standard nuts/washers on the other side. The threaded section of the ground stake clamps are also locked with standard 1/4 x 20 nuts.

Thhe one on the right above uses joist clamps onto the bench leg; it's reg and dryer are on a removable section on the right side.

I added a relay, and old constant current wall wart I had laying around, and remote 3 way toggle switches that allows me to turn on the compresor from my electronics lab. Got tired of cans of air real quick (still use them for "freeze misting" tho...).

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