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Universal Cutter Grinder Mods
Some of the modifications to the typical asian Deckel SO clone...
-  Changed out the stock motor for a Consew CS1000 (same as on my CNC mill)
- added the thumb screw stop to allow any angle
- made holders to fit the 3/4" R-8 collet
- used the old Iguaging DRO had laying around (have new standard SPC type scale/head that will replace it). Ok for this application since it's reset a lot anyway.
   I added a plate that locks to the spindle just behind the wheel. This drives the slide for the DRO. The DRO head mounts to the body; the display is mounted on standoffs and angle.
- cut the enclosure back for added clearance of the work head
- milled the top of the spindle down for clearance from the wheel so as to allow bigger angles of the work head assembly
- added an additional stop screw for tilting in the other direction
- added a 12V transformer to allow normal MR16 LED lamps
- fabbed a better flute guide for grinding flutes using a small indicator holder - see photos below

The little plate with the pin in it sets the collet adapters to 0 degrees
The wheel is a weird 15A9 Borazon (I use mostly HSS in the shop). Have some Borazon dish and diamonds too. I like metal wheels...
Have the mill and drill attachement - have yet to mod those...

This thing's pretty cool once you get used to it....

Consew Motor upgrade:
Variable speed is great for various grinding things I do:

I was able to just fit the pot, stop switch and Consew Display PCB in a small Rad Shack box:

Since I had to add a filter/frame I figured I'd put the mains switch there:

I was able to stuff the Motor and Driver in the cavity:

Photos from before the Consew upgrade:

Improved Flute Guide for Endmill Grinding
The funky screwdriver-like thing they supply for use as a flute guide leaves much to be desired. I wanted something that was easy to position, and allowed a small adjustment for the secondary relief.

The photo below shows the stock flute guide and the one I designed. Used one of the small indicator holders from LMS . I replaced the stock thumbwheel with one I had on the knurling tool I replaced a while back (the stock knuring tool knob is a bit big for use near the chuck on the lathe), gives a bit more torque.

The point holder is threaded so i can easily back it off after I grind the primary side relief. I used the original indicator holder's thumbwheel
for locking the point thread.

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