These are the songs from the
2005 release When It's Over...

Still Dreamin'
May Be
Somewhere in Her Eyes
I Know Why
Cold Hard Rain
One More Day
RUiN - Live
Bitch - Radio Edit

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See Thru Me

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Below is a remake of Memory with the second verse in Spanish:
Memory - Spanish verse

<>Reviews for the Album "When It's Over...."

Jon Fritz, When It's Over (© 2004 Fritzsongs)

The first thing that hits me when I check out Jon Fritz's website is that he is two days older than me. So happy birthday, man, and I hope yours was better than mine, because this year, mine sucked. Anyway, as I read his bio, I know and understand his influences, because I was there too, as his music shows a classic-rock influence. Though an acoustic player, his song construction features ample use of melody, something lacking in many bands out there today. His music has a sense of familiarity, at least to me, while still sounding fresh. His voice is slightly edgy, showing signs of perhaps many years on the road, but it also possesses a good tonal range, and fits his music very well. On the slow-paced "Somewhere in Her Eyes," his voice wavers just a little, enough to evoke the emotional involvement the song needs to achieve authenticity. And as he sings, I find myself getting ever so slightly choked up, and yet this is the first time I have heard this song. A songwriter who can deliver such feelings immediately to the listener is quite impressive indeed (the flipside, of course, is that I may be a tear-shedding wanker, but believe me, not at this moment). Well worth seeking out.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck:

The music of Jon Fritz is not easy to drop into a little slot of categorization. I call it folk-roots-rock to try to keep it as simple as possible, when in reality it so much more than that. This music touches your soul. The beauty of it flows through Jon’s acoustic guitar and dreamy vocals. You feel like you have found a long lost friend when you give this CD spin, it gives you the warm and fuzzies. Those of you that like the peaceful easy feelin’ (like the Eagles) sound will put your arms around this music and embrace it.

Fritz’s lyrics are as prolific as the music he makes, and that is the reason it hits you right in the old ticker. The first five tracks have you cruising right along on a mellow ride down the highway of emotions. Tracks like “Surrender” and “Still Dreamin’” put your feelings on automatic pilot then “Bitch” kicks in, and you hear all of this anger and darkness come lashing out, it has to be one of the most shocking transitions I have ever heard on an album, then it reverts back to what you found comfort in. I have a feeling the man must have been through a tough relationship recently or a divorce and needed to exorcise some demons, that is cool with me, it just really caught me off guard. If the purpose is to keep you on your toes and paying attention, it works Jon.

Fritz is obviously a very talented performer with an innate sense of song construction in his blood. His is a natural wordsmith, quite brilliant. The music is the icing on the cake. This is the type of CD that will continue to grow on you with every listen, if it does not I suggest you check the obituaries to see if you are listed.
© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck:


You see.. it's a bit like this.. never in the field of human social interaction has such an incredibly gifted songwriter tasted, chewed up, and spat out such an amazingly perceptive and ear pampering collection of songs without being widely revered. It's a fact that Jon Fritz has got to live with, especially after having the umitigated audacity to release an album that, in the eyes and ears of many, amounts to a collection of rare gold nuggets glistening brightly among the common pebbles on the music industry's vast shoreline. Poor Fritzy... it's going to be exhausting living up to people's expectations after this... but then he wrote the songs and now he has to answer for his sins!

When it's over opens up with Surrender; a magnificently expressed and performed piece of work worthy of a whole host of accolade particularly for Jon's lyrics, the superb guitar work, and the driving tear-it-all-apart drum work provided by beaten skins virtuoso Marc Stauffer. Vocals are performed superbly and perfectly empasise the lyrics in a way that's reminsicent of the techniques used by artists like David Gray. Watch out for that nice little guitar bit at around the three minute mark just before the vocals return with 'How can we go on living when we know what we've both lost?' .. brilliant!

Still Dreamin' features a really cool soft rock arrangement with equally cool soft rock vocals hanging over the jangly guitars and exceptionally precise drumming. I love Jon's songwriting style already and we're only two tracks into the album! The guitar work deserves some favourable mention here too.. very Jimmy Page with touches of that loved and treasured West Coastism.. the magic of which we lost some time ago but it's been returned and revived beautifully here! Of course, by the time we get to the third track May Be, we're happily ascribed the status of 'follower'. Now that's important for those who would like to consider the album's global international appeal... this track assures you that that appeal is very wide ranging indeed and I really really hope Jon's got the support, push, and motivation behind him to see that through! This is a very cleverly composed song, as are the previous tracks, but there's something very comforting in the lyrics and the way they are expressed vocally. Masterful songwriting, masterful musicianship... what else do you want?

Somewhere in Her Eyes is without a doubt, another Fritz classic with the now expected standard of word and music-smithing we've now come to demand from this very talented songwriter. The production team must have been delighted with this lovely strings embellished classic ballad. Reminds me a little of John Mayer vocally and guitar wise, but it's really very Jon Fritz and I know they must have been dancing with pride in the studio when the song was completed.

Sweetness is an excellently performed and lyrically colourfully coloured piece of work period! The drums are exceptionally performed in a way that many other drummers might not be so bold to explore and I love the way the harmonies have been worked out against the pleaing lead vocal! The melodic bass work is completely synchronized to the percussion and that's another huge plus that adds to the level and standard of startling musicianship. Bitch on the other hand, is the one that truly emphasises startlingly synchronized musicianship to the max! What an arrangement.. what versatility! The rock element is magnifying every single note and very single note is magnifying the lyrics in a very clever albeit 'Adult Advisory' track.. but then look at what happened with Puddle of Mud's track 'She hates me'... got them places they probably didn't know existed! For Jon.. this is testimony to the richness in his imagination, boundless creative pursuits, and in an arrangement that I consider to be exciting, real, and very memorable!

Memory is well positioned in following the magnificent 'Bitch' we just heard fading out. Your eyebrows go back down, your heart returns to the steady pace is finds most comforting and your awareness of the skill of this guy is managed and maintained quite nicely. The lyrics are so easy to relate to that you feel like you've known the guy for years in your support, empathy and sympathy of the lyrical situation. Now that's NOT a common songwriting phenomenon folks!

I Know Why is the one that made me feel really bad for taking so long to get this review written (sorry guys but you really should see the CD Reviews shelf!!!). The pull of the intro is the same as the pull of the guitars that John and Paul made famous in 'Norwegian Wood' from the Rubber Soul album. The vocals return your attention to Jon however, and you're thinking.. summer.. guitar niceness, and the heightened perception of the composer. It's another superb song in this 'to-be-obsessively-played' collection of other superb songs on the album. Watch out for the magnificent guitar and vocal bits towards the end! By the time you get to the intensely excellent Cold Hard Rain however, your expectations on the vocal front just shot through the roof! I quickly declare this track my favourite, next to Bitch, but then there's more to come so I'd better not be too hasty! Jon... when that guitar solo was mixed down you must have been absolutely walking on air! Cold Hard Rain is magnificent.. play it loud and I promise you won't come back down for at least a month!

Over is a really cool piece of work of the first division that kinda reminds me of British seventies rock band 'Free' that later kinda became 'Bad Company'. Similarly clever arrangements and similarly styled Paul Rogers vocals on a very well thought out and cleverly composed rock song. One More Day is the bonus track that carves out the experience of a broken relationship in retrospect.. the usual Fritz cleverness is engaged to the max here and I think that's down to the passion and memory buttons really. One More Day is beautifully produced and the sentiments tend to linger for quite a while after the song ends mournfully.

Are You In? is the live 'hidden' track that I was truly truly grateful for because throughout this album I have wondered how Jon would fair in live performance and oh deary deary me does this guy sound brilliant live! I'd love a studio version of this incredible partner protest song at some point but then I'd love to see him live anyway! Are You In? is followed by the radio edit of Bitch and things have been ironed out to present a more 'palatable' version but I do prefer the original version personally.

Ladies and gentlemen I have to confess that I am against the illegal downloading of music cos it's basically just not right but I also have to confess that, if I was low on money, and I'd heard this album on one of those dodgy platforms, I'd download the thing to the max! becasue waiting to be able to afford it would be torture! To Jon and everyone associated and blessed with Jon Wayne Productions.. sorry for the long delay guys but we got here in the end!

Now to the rest of you.. have some common sense and get this album NOW and apss it on to future generations who might want to hear an example of 'classyness' from 2004!

Colin Lynch - November 06 2005

Songs that leave a lump in your throat have always been a guilty pleasure for me. So have catchy pop songs. These guys get me both ways. Some people say the hook is all that matters, they've got that and then some. What a way to start off a new year. This one will be hard to top.

These guys would be right at home being piped into every home in America via mainstream radio. Hooks galore, pop songwriting at it's best. Tear jerking ballads, and Seat of the Pants rockers. Listen close for more good things from this band.****

Ear Buzz

Jon Fritz lands near the Eagles, Neil Young, and Pearl Jam with his finely produced and well-written collection of tunes in, "When It's Over". Fritz layers vocals over distinct and bright acoustic guitars, bass, and drums - and croons. We get our Neil Young influenced fix in Sweetness - a sugary and harmonically satisfying acoustic strummer with interesting dissonance in the guitars and chord movement. The black sheep of the CD is a tune called "Bitch", a parental advisory f-bomb tune about the lascivious trappings of the subject - (included is a edited version at track 13). The tune is over-the-top rock and roll angst - and is the only such tone on the CD. Our favorite track is the bonus, "One More Day" with lyric, "I want to be me..." We find Fritz's identity and voice wonderful, intimate, personal, and comparison-less. Which we love, because as most believe - the more accurate comparisons to other artists ring true, the less likely an artist is going to be able to cut through the clutter of this music industry. Overall, the CD and performances are professional and high quality. Fritz's shining moment as a guitarist is during his passionate and raw string work in "Cold Hard Rain". CryBaby heaven. We want more. "I Know Why" is a rolling easy breeze with a chorus that lingers and lasts. Most of the tracks are related - you can hear a string that connects them. That kind of continuity is lacking in so many other CDs we hear...